Sorry for not posting yesterday. You can place the blame squarely on the release of Call of Duty :: Black Ops. Man, addictive stuff! Anyways I managed to pull away from the game long enough to open up some emails, including this one sent to us by French producer Sovnger (formerly known as Knuckles). He sent us 2 excellent dance remixes for The Aikiu's track "Just Can't Sleep", which was basically me playing that game last night. The Can't Sleep Remix is the more vocal of the two remixes and my favorite, but the Club Rework which is more of a dub version is pretty sweet too and will appeal to DJ's who might wanna throw it into their mixes. These will surely burn up some dance floors near you. Check'em, download'em...

MP3: Just Can't Sleep (Sovnger Can't Sleep Remix) - The Aikiu  320 kbps

MP3: Just Can't Sleep (Sovnger Club Rework) - The Aikiu  320 kbps

For a little eye candy here is also a movie like video for one of his tracks "What I Like", shot on the Paris Metro.

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