Stealth Mode

Stealth Mode is a new producer from Vancouver, Canada who recently contacted us. He sent us this simple email saying 'everyone loves vocoder' and attached this blistering electronic dance track called "To the End". Absolutely floored how amazing it is! Just vocoder definitely does not make me love a track, you have to have skill and an ear for melody to get my attention and he definitely has that. A stupendous dance floor jam which I think you guys are gonna love, I certainly do! Can't wait to play it out in my DJ sets.

Here it is cleared for posting in full 320 quality. Thanks Stealth you have a name near and dear to our hearts, unfortunately with music this good you won't be a secret for too much longer. Keep up the great work!

MP3: To the End - Stealth Mode  320 kbps

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Anonymous said...

Incredible!!! keep it up