Hooray For Earth is in the midst of a month long residency at Pianos in NYC and I went out to the first show excited to see them live since I hadn't before (they were pretty seamless).

One act that I had heard of but never thought too much about was Zambri who as I shouted in the middle of their set, "KILLED IT"! Their sound is dark and exciting and the stage presence of the sister vocalists was a compelling marriage between end of days style rhythms and daunting vocals that fans of goth legends Siouxsie And The Banshees will surely appreciate. I poured over youtube material trying to find something that might display how captivating this group is live and could only find videos with not so great sound, but worth checking out.

To say I am excited about what kind of record they end up making is an understatement. To keep up with news from this group make sure to keep their website on your radar. Check out "Carry" feat. Jon Philpot of Bear In Heaven and "Easier" below.

MP3: Carry- Zambri

MP3: Easier- Zambri

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Y10NRDY said...

Their voices are a little generic but "Carry" has a good hook and some nice use of electronics. I couldn't help but ask myself why they're not processing their vox since everything else is running through something.