Best Albums of 2010

Making a "Best of 2010" list is quite hard. So many records I loved this year but what it came down to is what I personally listened to most. So here it goes in no particular order:

LCD Soundsystem- This Is Happening (DFA)
James Murphy opens up with, "Dance Yourself Clean," a tentative track that we all know drops like a bomb. The synth warns you. A bold statement but the rest of the album follows suit. By the end you have definitely danced yourself something.

MP3: Dance Yrself Clean - LCD Soundsystem

Beach House-Teen Dream (Sub Pop)
I read that they spent every dollar they had recording this album. I once emptied out my bank account on a pair of Jill Stuart heels. I don't regret it and they shouldn't either.

MP3: Walk in the Park - Beach House

Black Keys-Brothers
I'm not ranking anything but this album would be my number one. It's sexy, timeless rock and roll and in my eyes a perfect record that welds together a brooding sense of longing without sounding whiny.

MP3: I'm Not the One - Black Keys

!!! (chk chk chk)-Strange Weather, Isn't it? (Warp Records)
Kind of my wild card. It's really anti pop and organically made for being a dance record. They don't give a shit (not that these pioneers ever did) about what the kids are dancing to these days. Makes me want to stand next to a speaker.

MP3: Wannagain Wannagain - !!!

Miami Horror-Illumination (EMI)
A really pop dance record. I love the arrangements of samples and vocals all the way through.

MP3: I Look To You - Miami Horror

Twin Shadow- Forget (Terrible Records, 4AD)
Haunting and catchy, this album deserves all the acclaim it's garnered this year.

MP3: At My Heels - Twin Shadow

Best Coast- Crazy For You (Mexican Summer)
Everyone is crazy for this record. Except for maybe serial killers. They might not know how to understand what it's like to be so in love. Then again it might be super creepy to have the track, "Boyfriend," in a scene of a movie where a serial killer savagely murders someone. Hollywood, any thoughts?

MP3: Boyfriend - Best Coast

Deerhunter- Halcyon Digest (Kranky, 4AD)
I listened to this album twice because I couldn't think of what to say. The second time, "Desire Lines," came on. That's why this is one of my favorite records. All the songs are that good.

MP3: Desire Lines - Deerhunter

Tame Impala- Innerspeaker (Modular)
This record definitely evokes a time and place in a way that instead of taking us back when, brings it right here right now. The drums and guitars intense and provocative behind the cool comfort of lead singer Kevin Parker's vocals, these young Aussies do psychedelic rock justice.

MP3: Desire Be, Desire Go - Tame Impala

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti- Before Today (Paw Tracks, 4AD)
Is it just me or did this rock and roller blow up out of nowhere with this brilliant record, and everyone just kind of looked around like they knew and said things like, "Oh yeah Ariel... He's a genius. Always loved him." The harmonies, samples, horns, guitars, tambourines, drums and whatever else he layered comprised one of the most unique records of the year.

MP3: Fright Night (Nevermore) - Ariel Pinks Haunted Graffiti

Class Actress- Journal of Ardency (Terrible Records)
I sing this EP constantly in the shower. For a month I even thought I might have a good voice but I was just playing it really loud.

MP3: Careful What You Say - Class Actress

Girls- Broken Dreams Club (Turnstile,True Panther Sounds, Matador)
This record runs rampant with heartbreak and nostalgia but some things are just beautiful when they cry. The record is called Broken Dreams Club... did we expect fun?

MP3: Heartbreaker - Girls (Streaming Only)

Arcade Fire-Suburbs (Merge Records)
I personally had a hard time liking this album. The song "Modern Man" was the first one to be like "Hey, you can trust me...I'm good I promise". Then I think Suburbs was all I listened to in the month of September.

MP3: Modern Man - Arcade Fire

Wavves- King Of The Beach (Fat Possum)
This record is punchy, youthful, and god do I wish it was still summer! Great album start to finish.

MP3: Mickey Mouse - Wavves

Matthew Dear- Black City (Ghostly International, Spectral Sound)
This isn't a day time listen and so far from pop. Nonetheless a cohesive string of cult like rhythms and samples. You'll get it eventually.

MP3: Little People (Black City) - Matthew Dear

The Radio Dept.- Clinging to a Scheme (Labrador)
It's the perfect free therapy album if I was still in high school.

MP3: Heaven's on Fire - The Radio Dept.


Anonymous said...

thanks for your year list!
some stuff i definitely need to check out.
as of yet, my top picks would be much different from yours, but i haven't gone through the process of condensing and distilling yet...


ReSet Music said...

Nice list, definitely digging the LCD Soundsystem :)
Maybe check out my music, which is ambient dnb, perfect for chilling out to. If you fancy it, check out

cheers, keep on blogging :)

Victor Castro said...

Great list!!! I love that Class Actress track!