Bobby Birdman

Sometimes in a day I download a few albums, some bands I know and some I don't. Sometimes I forget what I download and it shows up months later while I'm listening to my library on shuffle. That's the case with Bobby Birdman's, "Only for a While". Bobby Birdman is the stage name for musician Rob Kieswetter who lives in L.A.

Although "Only for a While" is from his 'New Moods' album (2009), I somehow missed the boat on that one! Kieswetter is a member of YACHT's backing band called 'The Straight Gaze' which as of last year YACHT changed their name to Yacht and the Straight Gaze. His discography goes back to 2001 having released on various labels such as Fryk Beat and State Rights Records. He has played on albums by Bonnie Prince Billy, The Microphones, YACHT, Little Wings, Golden Shoulders, and VVRSNN. As Bobby Birdman he has toured with Hot Chip, Ratatat, and YACHT.

I'm really digging the sound of his 1950's-1960's doo-wop vocal flair combined with his electronic pop sound and am looking forward to new material to come out!

MP3: Only For a While - Bobby Birdman

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