New Tennis

Been stuck inside the last few days due to a big winter storm that buried Atlanta in snow and ice, and I know most of you across eastern and central USA are in the same boat. However, worry not! I have for you the perfect escape in the form of shiny new music from Denver duo Tennis! Their latest track titled 'Seafarer' from upcoming album Cape Dory is the ultimate mental getaway, transporting you to a warm, breezy summer beach circa 1959.

I've actually been loving everything these guys have been coming up with ever since Erika first posted them here last summer. Cape Dory comes out in a week (January 18th) and is a feel good album from start to finish. A highly recommended investment as most of us still have a lot of winter ahead of us to escape from!

MP3: Seafarer - Tennis

Also, here is a vid for the track 'Pigeon', also from Cape Dory

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