Francois Peglau

Got a great intro email the other day by London artist Francois Peglau after he found our post on U.S. Royalty. Seems he has a lot of culture in him as he's Peruvian/Argentinian and French. He released an album late last year called 'The Imminent Failure of Francois Peglau' that you can get on his bandcamp page for free! Downloaded it and I'm loving it! He definitely has a lot of Beatles influence including his voice which reminds me of John Lennon's. A great mixture of lo-fi/indie pop with a pinch of electronics. Think you guys are gonna dig it.

Here's a few of his tracks for you to check out, plus his latest video for "God and the Unconsious Want Me Dead". If you dig these I'd go to his bandcamp link above and download the rest of it. Worth it and won't cost you a dime!

MP3: Who Wants to Go? - Francois Peglau

MP3: God and the Unconscious Want Me - Francois Peglau

MP3: I'm Down - Francois Peglau

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