Hard Mix

South Carolina electronic producer Noah Smith aka Hard Mix is getting ready to release his debut album 'Defaults' March 1st on Devecote Records. His reps sent along the track "Now Her" from the album and I'm loving it! A scrumptious piece of electronic goodness. Complete with lovely samples and intoxicating melodies. The best part of the whole thing is his label is releasing the album for free! That's right! Who says nothing's free anymore? Check out "Now Her" and if you dig it be on the look out for that album when it's released next week. Won't cost you a dime. His follow-up record seems to be already prepared for release later in the year. Talk about starting with a bang. In addition to the track, below is a recent interview he did so you can become better acquainted with the man. Enjoy!

MP3: Now Her - Hard Mix

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