Ever notice about dark 80's era New Wave how, despite how slow and dreary it is, its still strangely feel-good music? Kinda like that comforting feeling a rainy day or a walk through the cemetery can inspire. Well, don't know about you all, but I personally love the resurgence in bands bringing back this feel. Recent bands like Wild Nothing and Roman Ruins have captured it perfectly. Which brings me to Brooklyn duo Minks. They are creating music that could have come straight out of the 80's English goth-pop scene, and I can't get enough! Their debut album By The Hedges (out now), which I'll go ahead and call one of the early great albums of 2011, is the perfect addition to any great hazy, dreamy shoe-gaze playlist. Check out a few of their tracks here along with a nice dark vid for their track "Funeral Song".

MP3: Cemetary Rain - Minks

MP3: Ophelia - Minks


Ray Milian said...

love this! great stuff!

Victor Castro said...

ok... i have to be quicker than ray. he is writing all my comments... gonna switch it up by using all caps and one more exclamation point: LOVE THIS!! GREAT STUFF!!