Ruby Frost

Ruby Frost hailing from New Zealand is an up and coming artist that's showing a lot of potential! Her reps sent us her first track "Moonlight" and it is a great tune! Very catchy and pretty. Her vocals/music on this one reminds me of Bjork except a little poppier. Seems she does her own theatrical costumes and has tons of charisma. Something neccessary to make it to the top of the pop world. Chris Zane who produces bands like Passion Pit, The Walkmen and Mumford & Sons has signed on to produce her debut album which we should be seeing sometime in 2011. Things are looking bright for this lovely artist. Check her out before the masses do. Here is her "Moonlight" mp3 and video for you.

MP3: Moonlight - Ruby Frost


Carsan07 said...

Loves it!

Raquel Moritz said...

Hello buddie! I never heard something like this! Simply love it. I have a blog of music, movies and books. Perhaps you like, but it is in portuguese. I will make a post about it there and link you :)