Cut Copy :: Need You Now Architecture in Helsinki Remix

You know a song is brilliant when you slow it way down and strip it to the bare minimum in the true style of fellow Melbourners Architecture in Helsinki and it sounds almost more amazing than the original. Love, love, love this version of the track, perhaps mostly because it really does sound like it could've been a Talking Heads track!

This remix is gonna be one of many appearing on a coming soon release of "Need You Now". So keep your eye out for many more great remixes surfacing over the next several weeks.

Cut Copy is playing a sold out show in Miami tonight for those of you lucky enough to have tickets. Their shows in NYC in early April are also sold out. However, they'll be in Atlanta on Monday which still has tickets available so for our ATL readers, best get on that!

MP3: Need You Now (Architecture in Helsinki Version) - Cut Copy


Anonymous said...

Esta versión es mas"pausada"....yo me quedo con la todas maneras no se pierde la "esencia" de la canción...genial!!!!

. said...

Loves it!