Elastic Summer

NYC band Elastic Summer contacted us the other day with news about their self titled debut EP. Seems they just got together and started making music last September. Hmmm, seems their off to a good start. Loving their carefree indie pop sound that matches their name. Pretty breezy tunes that makes me wish I was on an island sipping on a fruity drink (or maybe a Coconut) underneath some palm trees on the beach. Check out their tracks "Coconuts" and "Super Powers" below. If you like what you hear you can get the EP for free on their bandcamp page in exchange for your email. It's a win win for us people. Keep up the good work!

In addition to the tracks here's a cute acoustic video I saw on their site were they cover The Strokes track "I'll Try Anything Once". Be sure to click on the 720 option for the better audio.

MP3: Super Powers - Elastic Summer

MP3: Coconuts - Elastic Summer

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