Elektrisk Gonner

Got a great new project sent to in my inbox from Denmark/French artists called Elektrisk Gonner. They are a mixture of a bunch of different genres :: electro, pop, rock, hip hop, noise which makes them hard to categorize, but one thing's for sure, they are excellent! They recently released their self titled debut EP (see the amazing art work for it above) on Platinum Records which features two tracks "Adam Knows" and "Panoramic Targets" with remixes by Bikini Machine and Bumblebeez. Their debut album 'Yer Fire' is not too far behind scheduled for release in May. They have a crazy video for "UKNOWHATIWANT" from their upcoming album that features one of my favorite things, boobies! Lots and lots of them in all shapes and sizes. I think almost everyone enjoys those or at least can appreciate them. The track is an uber catchy hyper active indie dance jam featuring Peaches style electric guitar riffs. They've been kind enough to send the EP our way for our readers downloading pleasure. Good news for us! Check out the goods, literally.

MP3: UKNOWHATIWANT - Elektrisk Gonner (Streaming Only)

MP3: Panoramic Targets - Elektrisk Gonner

MP3: Panoramic Targets (Bikini Machine Remix) - Elektrisk Gonner

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