The Mean

I cannot stop listening to The Mean's second album 'Zero Zero'. This five piece based out of Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York has concocted a beautiful collection of soulful and eclectic songs. The band had been playing together in different projects and decided to form The Mean in 2006. Their sound is blues tinged, organic rock and roll. Teetering between convivial and haunting the three vocalists always keep the sound focused and funky. They maintain a collective attitude towards writing and their DIY recording process, which has resulted in a collaboration rich with influences. Reminds me of my favorite Eric Clapton band Derek and the Dominoes. Fans of the Black Keys will definitely dig The Mean. Check out my two favorite tracks "Dragon Blues" and "Ghost Witness" below. You can also stream 'Zero Zero' in its entirety on their website before buying it. They're playing some gigs in the North East this March including a March 14th date in Boston, and at The Living Room in NYC on March 15th.

MP3: Dragon Blues - The Mean

MP3: Ghost Witness - The Mean

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