Mirrors :: Lights and Offerings

UK band Mirrors that Erika posted their excellent track "Hide and Seek" on OTR last year here just released their debut album Lights and Offerings this week. I streamed the album on myspace and it's a scorcher! Highly recommended for synth-pop/new wave lovers like me. Their first single is called "Into the Heart" which you can see the video for below. In addition to the video here is a dancey remix for "Into the Heart" by Jonathan Kreinik that I found on Hype Machine. Have a feeling this band will be going far. Grab this album before everyone and their mamas is into them.

P.S. Be sure to click on the 720 or 1080 options on the video for the better sound/video quality.

MP3: Into the Heart (Jonathan Kreinik Remix) - Mirrors

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