Ryat :: WMC Live Performance at (786)/Purdy Wed, March 9th

Philadelphia electronic duo Ryat are gonna be in town next Wednesday, March the 9th for a Live WMC Performance at our weekly party at Purdy / (786). Excited to see them perform so wanted to introduce you guys to the band and give you some of their music to digest. They have a very cool electronic at times experimental sound with beautiful ethereal female vocals. They sent over 4 tracks for us to post from their latest album Avant Gold that you can stream in it's entirety on their bandcamp page.

Here are those 4 tracks for you, plus their video for "The Fish that Loved out of Water".  Pretty cool huh? If you are in the South Florida area next week I highly recommend you come out and catch this excellent free show around Midnight. Plus of course yours truly, Joshy Josh, Norman and more guest DJ's will be manning the decks all night long, one fun night of dancing will be in store! See ya there...

MP3: The Gaze - Ryat

MP3: Superficial Friction - Ryat

MP3: Not for This Lifetime - Ryat

MP3: Time Worn - Ryat

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