Zoo Kid

South East Londoner Zoo Kid might be young enough for a curfew but that won't get in the way of his music being played globally at the wee hours of heartbreak. For this unsigned 16 year old BOY already has a lot of deserving hype, with comparisons to this years nearly flawless James Blake album and lyricism to greats like Morrissey. In track "Out Getting Ribs" his cerebral punch of emotions can makes one feel as if everything is going to be okay, but at same time everything is lost. Didn't know many kids at 16 who were taking song titles from the late Jean Michel Basquiat pieces for songs that can make your heart drop. Don't you wish you were doing that at 16 (heck even now) instead of being filled with self loathe?

MP3: Out Getting Ribs- Zoo Kid

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