Diamond Doves

I have found music to be kind of stale over the last few weeks and kind of abandoned my new music search in favor of my go to favorites like The Faces on Pandora Radio. After feeling like my neglect was getting out of control, I was persuing one of my go to music blogs (RCRD LBL) and came across this track 'Club Night' by Diamond Doves. A menacing arrangement just over four minutes including a horns, violins, guitars, vocal harmonies as well as effects, and increasingly intense drums. This is a track best listened to loud to fully appreciate its sonically vast landscape of influence and expression. Their bio is just as intense as the music and therefore not easily foot noted so head to their myspace and read up on this eclectic group. I don't find Diamond Doves to be stale (at all).

MP3: Club Night - Diamond Doves

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