Guitaro are a trio from Vancouver, Canada brought to our attention by the fine folks over at Crash Avenue. Seems they have been around since 97' but have somehow managed to slip off the radar for many years. I got sent their latest 2010 album 'JJ's Crystal Palace' and from the sound of this new record I don't think that will be unknown for too much longer. The album is stellar! A great record with elements of electro-pop, shoegaze and a dreamy haze that is pretty irrisistable. In particular loving "Come Get Sums", "2085", "Toothpaste", "Chateau 100", "Modulo" and "Make You", but really there's not a bad track on the album. I mean I just named 6 out of the 10 tracks. Check out "Come Get Sums" and "Chateau 100" cleared for posting. If you dig these I suggest you check out the rest of that album on their bandcamp page were it's available for purchase for $9. Think you guys are gonna love it. Bands like these are exactly the reason I do a music blog like OTR in the first place. With all the crap that's on mainstream radio it's bands like these that should be getting more recognition.

MP3: Come Get Sums - Guitaro

MP3: Chateau 100 - Guitaro

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Killer Hype said...

Thanks for featuring Guitaro. We're been fans of this group forever and it's good to see someone else appreciating their tunes.