Johan Agebjorn

Sweden's Johan Agebjorn (sorry I don't know how to do the accent thingies) is the producer of one of our favorites Sally Shapiro. He's releasing an album of his own 'Casablanca Nights' with a little help from friends like Sally Shapiro, Le Prix, CFCF, Legowelt, Ercola and others. The first single sent our way for posting "Watch the World Go By" with Le Prix & Lake Heartbeat is mighty impressive! Electro-pop of epic proportions! Sublime beautiful melodies, dancey beats and catchy choruses that will surely get you moving on the dance floor. I picture myself playing a track like this at a packed club with an amazing sound system in Paris around the stroke of Midnight and everyone going nuts! Too much? One can dream can't they ;).  Anyways enjoy the single free and cleared for posting, plus the album tracklisting below. The album will be out May 10th on Paper Bag Records. I'd be on the lookout for this one. If this track is any indication I think we are in for a treat.

P.S. Did you notice the nod to Miami in the artwork were it says Bank of Miami on top of one of the buildings and what looks to be a likeness of South Beach. Yay for the MIA!

MP3: Watch the World Go By (with Le Prix & Lake Heartbeat) - Johan Agebjorn

Casablanca Nights Tracklisting ::

1. 8ths (Intro Edit)
2. The Last Day of Summer [with Ercola & Queen of Hearts]
3. This Case Is Closed (Remix) [with Friday Bridge]
4. Watch the World Go By [with Le Prix & Lake Heartbeat]
5. Casablanca Nights [with Lovelock & Sally Shapiro]
6. Alice [with Fred Ventura, Le Prix & Sally Shapiro]
7. Spacer Woman From Mars [with Sally Shapiro]
8. So Fine All The Time [with Legowelt & Wolfram]
9. Le Noir Et Le Blanc Sur Le Plano [with Sally Shapiro]
10. Memories of Satie [with CFCF]
11. Stranger (Chill Remix) [with Halftone]

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