The Last Royals :: OMD Cover

I must admit I have a weak spot for OMD particularly their track "If You Leave". I remember having their greatest hits CD back around the time of my High School Prom circa '1992' (I know, I'm old!). I had that CD in my car all that day as I was driving around and even on my way to the big show. "If You Leave" was one of my fave tracks which I remember playing over and over. Anyways when I got this cover from Brooklyn, NYC duo The Last Royals for the track it brought all those memories right back. Amazing what music can do. One of the reasons I love it so. If you like this cover they have a couple more 80's covers including EMF's fantastic "Unbeliveable" and Sinead O Conner/Prince's "Nothing Compares 2 You" that you can get on their site here for free in exchange for your email. Sounds like a deal to me. While your there check out some of their original music as well. Good stuff.

As a bonus here's the original OMD video for "If You Leave" for all you young-ins out there too young to remember. Oh what a magical time it was. New Wave at it's finest circa '1986' and featured in the John Hughes classic movie 'Pretty in Pink'.

MP3: If You Leave (OMD Cover) - The Last Royals

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The BEST time in music, if you ask me!