Peter Bjorn & John :: "Second Chance" RAC Remix

RAC are at it again, remixing one of the best songs "Second Chance" on the new Peter Bjorn & John album "Gimme Some" and making it easier for us DJ's to play out on the dance floor. Not exactly sure where I acquired it, but one thing's for sure, it is excellent! Not too different from the original (something RAC are great at doing), but just enough if you know what I mean. Been playing it out every chance I get. One of my favorite new tracks! Think you guys are gonna love it. Although I haven't heard that many people talking about PB&J's new album. Did you all not like it? Or is there just too much stuff out nowadays, maybe got lost in the shuffle? This remix will definitely remind you how great of a track "Second Chance" is. Maybe get you to revisit that new PB&J album. Enjoy!

MP3: Second Chance (RAC Remix) - Peter, Bjorn & John

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