Russian electro-pop/indie pop?? Hell yes! Xuman's reps New City recently contacted us with news of their debut album 'Golden Age' which was released this past month. They are giving away a new track from the album called "Side by Side" that is lovely slice of indie pop goodness. In addition I had a track of theirs "Panic" which is an older track of theirs I posted on an Art Basel Mixtape back in late 09'. It is straight up electro-pop dance floor gold, similar to bands I love like Bag Raiders & Miami Horror. Really impressed with these guys sound and we don't get too many bands contacting us from Russia, which makes it that much cooler. Enjoy these two gems, plus their video for "Side By Side". If I was you I'd look for/acquire this album asap. Golden age indeed. With that I bid you adieu. See ya next week!

MP3: Side by Side - Xuman

MP3: Panic - Xuman

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