A band that slipped my Radar is Portland, Oregon electro-pop trio Reporter. A friend recently gave me their debut album 'Time Incredible' that was released in 2010 and I am loving it! Been jamming it the last few days. A great combination of electro-pop with a nu-disco tinge that equals a very current sound. They have a new track out on some blogs called "Skin Like Fire", but the bit rates on those are pretty horrid so I won't post it, but I'd look into it and any other new releases they may have coming out. Here's a couple tracks from their debut album "Silent Running" and "Click Shaw" to give you an idea of their sound. Delish!

MP3: Click Shaw - Reporter

MP3: Silent Running - Reporter


Anonymous said...

Sorry, the page you were looking for in the blog ::: Off the Radar ::: does not exist.

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cannot dl anything?

Michael Unger said...

Sorry, think i might have done that accidentally trying to fix something else. Should be back up shortly. Thanks for pointing it out! :)

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