Tape Singles Club :: Dead Boy Robotics / The Machine Room

Tape is a recording studio in Edinburgh, Scotland. They are putting out split singles of artists that have come their way and they love called Tape :: Singles Club. The first two bands to make the cut for Volume #1 are The Machine Room and Dead Boy Robotics. Loving both these tracks they sent our way! I can see why they chose these two bands for their first release. The vinyl/digital release for this will be May 23rd via their site. They have a couple soundclouds were you can stream the goods below. If you like what you hear be sure to scoop these up when their released later this month. Quality stuff!

DEAD BOY ROBOTICS - 'EVER' by Tape Singles Club

THE MACHINE ROOM - 'GIRLY' by Tape Singles Club


Anonymous said...

You know, this is still my favorite music blog!!!! thanks for sharing all the Coachella highlights. ~ CarlaC

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