De La Montaña

Recently stumbled upon this great, eclectic little Berlin based band calling themselves De La Montaña. The troupe's lead man Madison Velding-VanDam, who is actually from Ann Arbor, Michigan originally, draws his influences from a wide range including his love of indie rock and folk, the strong electronic scene in nearby Detroit and 80's pop as well as his travels to Chile and finally Berlin, Germany (picking up fellow Chilean and German band members along the way) where the band is currently working hard to make a name for themselves in the music scene. This diverse array of influences has culminated in a fantastically original sound and along with some catchy hooks and quality lyricism, I see these guys catching on fast! Always an honour to be amongst the first to catch on to these acts that you just get the sense are on the virge of a blogosphere explosion!

Here are a few tracks as well as a great video for you to enjoy and get a taste of what we can expect from these guys. Also take the time to visit their bandcamp and hear more!

MP3: Golden Soul - De La Montaña

MP3: City Slicker - De La Montaña (STREAM ONLY)

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