Punks Jump Up :: Chimes Pt 1 Video / Remix

London duo Punks Jump Up that we posted an excellent DJ Mix of theirs last year here are back with a great new dance single called "Chimes Pt 1". They are calling it an EP, but really it's just a maxi single of old with one track and a bunch of remixes for it. Don't know why bands seem to do that a lot lately. Is calling something a maxi single a bad thing? Has to be a marketing thing. Anyways the track is pretty bumbing and will surely get your butts moving on the dancefloor. The remix of the track from Younger than Me is being offered as a free download and it is even harder hitting than the original. Grab that and check out the video below. You can sample the rest of the EP, errr Maxi Single on their soundcloud here.

Punks Jump Up - Chimes (Younger Than Me Remix) by kleinTanz

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