Cause and Effect

Growing up in the early 90's I was a goth/new wave kid. I remember having this great 12' vinyl record by a band called Cause and Effect for a track called "You Think You Know Her". Great new wavey Depeche Mode sounding track that I couldn't get enough of.

Fast forward 20 years to the present and to my surprise I got this email this week about the same band who is still putting out music and is still surprisingly great! Seems they have a lot of releases throughout the years that I missed out on. Might have to go back and investigate those.

They have a new 4 track EP out called Artificial Construct Part 2, with Part 1 being released last year. They sent both our way and I'm digging the sounds! The boys now living in Seattle and Fullerton, California have managed to keep current with their sound and still sound as great as ever. Very contemporary electro-pop sound, something many bands have trouble doing, adapting with the times. The new single they have out is called "Happinness is Alien" and is accompanied by this great video that you can check out below along with their soundcloud. You can purchase the EP's and more on their bandcamp page. Good to have you back on our radar fellows.

Happiness Is Alien by CauseAndEffectMusic

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