Kido Yoji

Kido Yoji is a singer/producer who resides in NY & Japan.  He contacted us the other day with some kind words about OTR and he sent a few of his tracks including his latest single "Call a Romance" which will also be the title to his upcoming album, plus "AM 3:33". Real smooth/funky electro-pop tunes reminiscent of artists like Breakbot or Anoraak which I am a big fan of. So of course his music is right up my alley. I'm pretty sure you guys will dig it too, especially if you're regular readers of OTR. Listen/dl "Call a Romance" below and check out a little video clip. Have a feeling Kido will be doing real well for himself.

MP3: Call a Romance - Kido Yoji

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Unknown said...

Anyone know of other bands like Kido Yoji? You Won't Come Again is quickly becoming one of my favorite albums.

Even if it does remind me of both the Bill Cosby Show and Sesame Street at points.