Been hearing alot of great music from LA duo Oliver. I got this great original nu-disco track from them the other day on Too Many Sebastians called "I Need You" that is pretty amazing! Definitely a dance floor burner. They started offering it as a free download and although the dl limit had been reached on their soundcloud they have links were you can still grab it for free. They also just released a great remix they did for Housse De Racket's "Roman" on RCD LBL and my friend Joshy Josh recently told me about a great new wavey remix they did for one of our faves Penguin Prison's "Fair Warning". Seems they are off to a great start. Making some great choices and displaying great taste in music. Hear a few of the tracks below. Check out more on their soundcloud.  

Oliver - I Need You by weareoliver

Housse De Racket - Roman (Oliver Remix) by weareoliver

Penguin Prison - Fair Warning (Oliver Remix) by weareoliver

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