Voltaire Twins

Australian duo Voltaire Twins has this great electro-pop track/video out called "Animalia". The best part is they are offering the track, plus remixes by the likes of Lifelike, Purple Sneakers DJ's and themselves for free! All you gotta do is like their facebook page then you get a code that you plug in, then voila it's all yours in full 320 bit rate. All the info on how to do this can be found on their site.

The Lifelike remix just like everything he does is sick! New wavey goodness that takes the original into more club friendly territory. Been awhile since I had a new Lifelike remix and I'm loving it! Played it out all week-end long in my DJ sets. Here are those two tracks and video for you. Enjoy!

MP3: Animalia - Voltaire Twins

MP3: Animalia (Lifelike Remix) - Voltaire Twins

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