Cavaliers of Fun :: Sharing Space Secrets

We at Off The Radar have had a pretty good relationship with the up and coming inter galactic synth pop genius Cavaliers of Fun over the past few years. We have followed him closely through his earlier work and his various brilliant remixes. Now, we are pleased to announce his first EP titled Sharing Space Secrets through label Holographic People. I quite enjoy the EP's summary/concept: 'Convinced that the world as we know it will end in 2012, Sharing Space Secrets’ five tracks about love, childhood memories and other space issues will be the bible for those who want to survive the final days. Cavaliers of Fun himself is safe in his own private galaxy where it's already year 2112.'

The EP's title track "Sharing Space Secrets" has been made available as a free download via Sound Cloud, so pick that up and stream the rest of the tracks as well!

Cavaliers of Fun - Sharing Space Secrets by Holographic People

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