Kamp! :: Cairo + DJ Mix

Polish electro-pop/chillwave trio Kamp! that we posted about last year here are back with a great new chillwave tune called "Cairo". The track available now on beatport (iTunes, Amazon, etc after Sept 22nd) is backed by remixes from Moullinex, JBAG and Social Disco Club. Digging them all! Particularly the original and the Moullinex and JBAG remixes. They also have a video for the track which is kinda forgetable stock footage kinda deal so I'm not gonna post it, but this DJ Mix they sent along as well is pretty sweet and available as a free download. Enjoy the goodies and if you like what you hear go grab those tracks. Great stuff!

01 - Kamp! - Cairo (Original Mix) by Discotexas

02 - Kamp! - Cairo (Moullinex Remix) by Discotexas

03 - Kamp! - Cairo (JBAG Remix) by Discotexas

Kamp! - mixtape 01 by Kamp!

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