M83 :: Midnight City (Video)

Not sure how I feel about the new M83 album 'Hurry Up, We're Dreaming', a little disappointed actually. Think they should have condensed the album into one disc of their best material instead of a two disc set, but one thing is for sure "Midnight City" is definitely one of the best singles to come out in 2011. Sure it will be in the running for best tracks when the end of year 'Best of' lists come along. Check out the amazing movie like video for it with kids with X-Men like powers which was just released yesterday.


the diesel weasel said...

You can, in fact, fit all of the songs onto one compact disc. The total running time ended up being 72:38, i believe. Cheers!

Ray Milian said...

It's not about fitting it all into one cd. I just feel they would have benefitted in condensing the album into maybe like 40 mins or so. There seems to be some stuff that is filler material. This is only my opinion of course and everyone's entitled to theirs. Cheers!