Bodi Bill :: What EP

Hey folks sorry about the lack of posts recently, but the holidays can get a little hectic. Starting today here in Miami is also my favorite time of the year the week long Art Basel events. Hopefully I can get out there and get some pics of cool art for you like I've done the last couple years. The weather gets cooler, plus art, music and cool people littering the streets. Kinda wish it was Art Basel all year long. I also happen to live in Midtown where alot of the exhibitions take place, so pretty psyched about that. Thank god I have my own garaged parking spot cause those will be hard to come by very soon.

Anyways let's get down with some new music...

German act Bodi Bill that we posted about last year here are back with a new EP entitled 'What'. They got their friend Siriusmo to rework their track "I Like Holden Caulfield" and are giving it away as a free download. Check that out below, plus their video for the title track "What".

Bodi Bill - I Like Holden Caulfield feat. Siriusmo by Sinnbus

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