Gotta love music recommends from friends, especially when they consistently give you good finds. Like this latest recommend my friend Rocky Grimes who designed our OTR tee's gave me for Portland, Oregon three piece band Blouse. Did some investigating and seems like they have been garnering lots of attention. Making it onto Gorrilla Vs Bear's top tracks of 2011 and being featured in magazines like Nylon, Fader & Spin. They have a dark lo-fi sound with dreamy female vocals that I'm always attracted to.

Here's a couple great tracks from their self titled debut album "Videotapes" and "Into Black" that will be a good introduction, plus their video for "Videotapes". If you dig these I'd grab the rest of the record. Good stuff!

MP3: Videotapes - Blouse

MP3: Into Black - Blouse

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