Alpaca Sports

Got sent these two lovely indie pop tunes "Just for Fun" and b-side "I'll Never Win" by Swedish artist Andreas Jonsson new solo project Alpaca Sports. Digging them both, particularly "Just for Fun". Best part is he is offering them both as free downloads! How can we resist not posting these up. Check them out/grab these babies below.

P.S. Just in case you haven't noticed 90% of the amazing music we post on OTR is stuff sent to us directly from artists like Alpaca Sports or their reps or just good recommendations from readers, so if you have something you think matches what we do on OTR (indie, electro-pop, electronic stuff) feel free to send us an email ( with all the pertinent information like their Facebook/sites, etc. If we dig it, we post it. Simple as that. Keep them brief and soundclouds are always nice. In a way you guys are the real contributors for all the amazing content we post here week in and week out, so thanks for that!

Just for fun by Alpaca Sports

I'll never win by Alpaca Sports

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