Phalen and Wills

If you were like me, you spent a lot of time in 2005 rocking out to Diamond Knights. What an awesome LP that was! Sadly the band hasn't released anything since but that doesn't mean that lead singer Morgan Phalen (second from right in above photo) hasn't kept himself busy. Not only has he collaborated with Phenomenal Handclap Band but he was also featured on two tracks off the most recent Justice record.

I recently saw that he posted on his Facebook that he had a soundcloud up under the name Phalen and Wills. After checking it out I found two delightful short but sweet tracks. I hope this isn't all we hear from them. "The Off His Rocker Office Rocker" is a quirky acoustic little song (think Brian Wilson) while "Elijah" is a more experimental rock track with a heavy hitting guitar and a more distorted vocal from Phalen. I like both directions and the diversity. Check them out!

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