The Shins :: Simple Song

Just a couple months ago I was asking someone what ever happened to The Shins, they kinda just disappeared off the map since 2007's Wincing the Night Away. So I was quite pleased to see they are back, and that they have just recently put out a new track, "Simple Song", from an upcoming new album titled Port of Morrow! They haven't really changed the formula much, the track sounds pretty much exactly like the The Shins we know and love from before. Why fix what isn't broken I guess. The album comes out March 20th (my birthday!) and I'm sure we will be hearing a few more tracks leaked before then.

What else is good news is that a new album coming out means they will be touring, which means they will most likely be headlining at most of your summer music festivals! Already see them on the released Coachella line-up! Lets hope that trend continues!

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