Bruxxelles :: Nu-Disco DJ Mix

It's pretty crappy weather in Miami today (lots o rain), but as we like to do Fridays wanted to leave you with a cool DJ mix to get you psyched for some weekend dancing. Hopefully it's not raining where you're at and it stops here at some point. This week we have an excellent nu-disco DJ mix sent our way by Canadian act Bruxxelles who also happen to be big fans of Off the Radar. Really great DJ mix featuring a lot of our faves Oliver, Edwin Van Cleef, Bit Funk, Alex Metric, Aeroplane and more. Check out/download the mix below and you can check out the tracklisting on their soundcloud. Great stuff that should easily get you in a dancing mood. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks OTR! Much love.

- B R U X X E L L E S