Spiritualized :: Sweet Heart Sweet Light

In keeping with the soulful theme of Soulsavers I wanted to post about another great album that came out recently Spiritualized latest 'Sweet Heart Sweet Light'. The amazing Jason Pierce has another winner on his hand. First single "Hey Jane" is pretty upbeat and dancey, prob the happiest I've heard him in a long time. For me Spiritualized is an acquired taste, I kinda have to be in the right mood to enjoy him and it seems like this one came out at the right time as I'm really digging it.

Check out a couple tracks from the record first single "Hey Jane" and "Little Girl" below, but it was hard to choose cause there's a bunch of great ones. "Too Late", "I Am What I Am" and "Mary" are also top notch. An album best heard in it's entirety really. If you like what you hear you can buy the whole thing on Amazon for $5. A bargain I say. 

Spiritualized, "Hey Jane" by selftitledmag

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