TRAILS AND WAYS :: Miracle (Split-Single) + Nunca (Remix)

Summer has been beyond hot, and with little time to make it to any nautical activities I've relied much on Oakland California's, Trail and Ways (posted before here). Their new placid poppy track 'Nunca' has been in my rotation for the last month, a great summer grab for free here. Now their back for the second half of the summer with 'Miracle', a dreamy beach going split-single with Ghost Beach. With crowd chants weaved in and their bassist Emma singing a beautiful verse in spanish, this track will have you believing you definitely just took a running jump off that pier into the ocean. Need to dance? You'll be taken care of by Ghost Beach's remix to 'Nunca' in which you'll loose yourself in the 80's dance synths, striking drum beats, and splendid electronically mangled vocal hooks. If your digging these 3 tracks be sure to check out Trail and Way's Soundcloud and Facebook, you'll find more free treats!

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