Ancient Heat :: Slap & Gallop (An Introduction to Portland Dance Music)

photo by Katie Marggraf

Hi! My name is John and this is my first post for OTR, so I'd like to start with a little bit of an introduction. I moved from Miami to Portland, Oregon in 2008. It was a big change, but it’s a wonderful home with great food, nature, art and music.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Portland is home to a budding dance music scene. Some of the biggest electronic groups to come out in recent years hail from our little Pacific Northwest wonderland. Glass Candy, Chromatics, Yacht/The Blow and Starfucker just to name a few.

In the spirit of this blog and the dance music we love, I want to begin with a series of posts that highlight rising newcomers to Portland’s electronic/dance scene. Over the next few weeks I’ll share some of my favorite local groups in the hopes that you can get to know me, and the City of Roses, a little better.

Since this is my introductory post I'll start with my own band, Ancient Heat! Brendan Grubb, who composes all the music, has taken a classic approach to the disco genre. Shunning the stereotype that usually comes to mind with disco, Grubb draws inspiration from European producers like Cerrone and Girogio Moroder.

With a touch of psychedelia, funk, soul and yes - even opera, Ancient Heat is a unique new addition to the Portland music scene. A band of nine who wear all white for live performances, the Portland Mercury described us as a “cross between ABBA and the Children of God.” Check out "Slap & Gallop" from our first vinyl EP 'Oh...You Bad'. There's also a sick remix of the title track by Bay Area producer Hydroplane of Circuitree Records. Enjoy!

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