Joakim :: Forever Young / Remixes / Video

Joakim has contributed to the music world for a couple of years now, but it's not until 2012 that you hear some of his tracks being played at clubs. In his fourth studio album 'Nothing Gold' being released in September, Joakim has managed to come out with a gem of a first single "Forever Young".

A track he says is, "Is my song for all the 30-something-year old people out there. I used to hate people between 30 and 40 when I was under 30. I thought they gave up on most of their beliefs and lived a dull and fake life. Like cowards pretending to still be cool, contemptuous grown-ups afraid of the young sharks."

However, take it from me, you don't have to be in your 30's or 40's to enjoy this song.

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