Matthew Dear :: Her Fantasy

Ready for some new Matthew Dear?? I know I am. Really dug his dark 2010 masterpiece 'Black City' so been patiently waiting for his upcoming album 'Beams' which is scheduled for release August 27/28th. The first taste of the new record is first single "Her Fantasy" which is the opening track from the new album. Really tasty nugget that continues with his unique dark electronic dance groove that he does so well. Check out the track/video below, plus a free remix of the track by Poolside. Welcome back Mr. Dear! 2012 wouldn't have been the same without you.

Matthew Dear - Her Fantasy by Posh Magazine

Matthew Dear - Her Fantasy (Poolside Remix) by ghostly

Beams Tracklisting ::

01. Her Fantasy
02. Earthforms
03. Headcage
04. Fighting Is Futile
05. Up & Out
06. Overtime
07. Get The Rhyme Right
08. Ahead of Myself
09. Do The Right Thing
10. Shake Me
11. Temptation

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