Onuinu :: Happy Home

In the Pacific Northwest, the nice warm weather is coming to an end soon, but there’s just enough time to squeeze in some last minute summer jams. That’s where Portland’s Onuinu (ON-you-IN-you), otherwise known as Dorian Duvall, comes in. He’s about to unleash an eagerly awaited debut full length. Mirror Gazer drops on September 11 and I can’t wait to hear it.

Fresh off two back-to-back tours with Yacht and then Tycho, Onuinu’s been getting a fair share of national press and is ready to show the world what his self-described Disco-Hop is all about. Duvall’s music is a kaleidoscope of sounds that’s at once familiar and refreshingly new. All the elements in his first single, “Happy Home” gel together so well, you just have to hear it for yourself.

Check out this fantastic 2001-inspired fantasy video from the creative mind of director Andrew Sloan.

ONUINU / Happy Home from Andrew Sloan on Vimeo.
As a treat, here's another Andrew Sloan directed music video for "Ice Palace," also appearing on the upcoming LP. I was introduced to Onuinu by way of this psyched-out trip last year. 

ONUINU / Ice Palace from Andrew Sloan on Vimeo.

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