The 2 Bears :: Be Strong

The 2 Bears is a band from London. Their music is chill and has a groove that is a mixture of soul, lo-fi and house. The band is actually composed of Joe Goddard (of electronic band Hot Chip) and Raf Rundell.

The band was also supposed to include Joe Mount from Metronomy, but due to issues he could not become part of the band. Instead, the band went from The 3 Bears to The 2 Bears. Either way, enough reading. You guys are here for the music.

Sample the Goods. Here's the whole album 'Be Strong' for you to listen to.

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Chris said...

Love this album! They are also remixing everybody these days. (side note, Ray, this was the band I played for you in your apt. after Tensnake... lol fun night!)