Palmas :: Good Together

It's a beautiful sunny September here in Portland, Oregon and the annual MusicfestNW has just started! So many amazing bands, just look at this lineup! I'm excited to see several of the groups scheduled to play but I'm most stoked for the local talent.

The organizers at MusicfestNW do an excellent job providing opportunities for talented local Portland bands to share the stage with national acts. Case in point - one of my favorite groups to start up within the last couple years, Palmas, is sharing the stage with Tanlines on Sept. 6. I'll be there, at Holocene, DJing with some friends before and after the music.

I always look forward to seeing Joshua Fulfs and Sully Alaatar come together on stage, as it's truly a special thing. Palmas blends together a unique variety of bouncy, latin-inspired percussive beats and clever dance grooves. It's full of hooks that suck you in and keep your finger on the repeat button. I could write on and on trying to describe their sound and still not do it justice. The best thing you could do is give 'em a listen.

So far, Palmas have managed to generate quite a bit of excitement with their infectious 4-song Dead Beat Demos. Last January, it was pretty much the soundtrack of my Florida vacation. It really is hard to believe these are just demos and we've been patiently waiting to see what Palmas can do in the studio. Word on the streets is, a proper full length is in the works. Enjoy.

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