Haim :: Forever

 When it comes to the West coast, it rarely disappoints with musical discoveries. Something about the land? Maybe so. Here I introduce Haim. Made up of three sisters Danielle,Este and Alana Haim. Accompanied by a mister, Dash Hutton on drums. They are California natives and have been playing music pretty much their whole lives. In their younger years they spent their time playing and gaining experience in a cover band with their parents. All three play a variety of instruments and their voices all blend together naturally executing smooth three part harmonies. Their sound is definitely a very modern type of 80's pop fused with melodic r&b influence.  They released their very first EP 'Forever' in February of 2012 which has generated a buzz, and have also recently signed to Polydor records. These girls are on to something. Listen and enjoy the fresh new music.

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