Hot Hot Hawk

My DJ buddy Nelson (aka Essential Six) who I spin with Wednesdays at our (786) party at Purdy Lounge is always amazing me with all the cool tracks/remixes he plays out. It's as if we both share the same taste in music. Last night he played this great track which as usual got me asking "who is this??" The track was "Atlanta Skyline" by Russian electronic duo Hot Hot Hawk. They have such a great electronic italo 80's movie soundtrack type of vibe which they freely admit to loving. They even name some of their tracks with 80's movie references like "Snake Pliskken is the Only Hope" & "Running Man Fever".

Check out "Atlanta Skyline" which their label is offering as a free download and another one of my favorites "Midnight Thunder", but really all their tracks are amazing and I recommend you spend some time on their soundcloud, especially if you dig these. You'll thank me later.

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